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William O'Brien - Ireland

" Nikos, I am happy! Not just because I turned $2000 into over $70 000 in less then 8 months, but because I know now ( thanks to you), that I am a real trader. The Simple Smart Renko Strategy and your EA combination is brilliant and all I need"

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How to Scalp & Day trade using a simple strategy & EA combo


Mike Gorlam - Day Trader

" Nikos gave me as a private student access to his simple smart EA about 6 months ago, way before he started sharing it online. After training me I used the strategy in combination with the EA on a small $800 Forex live account. I managed to grow this number to over $7400 using mostly scalping & day trading...I can highly suggest you check it out."

How this can change your trading life!

  • This is to start with the most important part. I will teach you to understand and feel the markets exactly the way I do, using my favorite #1 Strategy & forex formula that makes me consistently money since 2004.
  • You will love this, because you will get your personal Simple Smart Renko Forex EA and money management indicators licenses with unlimited updates to use right away. Again- simple & easy to use!
  • No more stress or hassle. Our half automated EA and risk managed Indicators and alerts are designed, so you can continue your daily routine. You just need to activate those awesome tools and they will do the“dirty work” for you.
  • You have unlimited access to our private Facebook group to share your trades, discuss results, ask questions, share charts, or just to make some likeminded friends and trading buddies.
  • We use the Metatrader, because it is a 100% Free for everyone. You can use demo accounts to train your skills and open live accounts with brokers of your choice. Therefore you will always able to use our strategy and tools with great success.
  • After teaching Forex over 12 years now, I know that one video is worth more than a million pictures or words. That's why I created a step by step video tutorial to explain everything in much detail.
  • My special gift to you: You have access to our premium VIP live trading room, where I will train you and trade with you using our powerful EA and indicators every week. All session are also recorded!

Nikos Mermigas

CEO / Founder - Simple Smart Forex

I am trading since 1999 and after almost 18 years of personal trading experience I can't put enough emphasis on this one fact; Long term trading success is guaranteed only when approached and managed in a smart but simple way! I know that over - complicating things won't work for long and that's the reason I created this program for you! I want you to enjoy trading and make money in a relaxed & fun way for as long as you live!

James Tacher - Mexico & How he made his first $18 000 Profits

New or already Advanced? Scalper, Day Trader or Swing Trader? Maybe you want to Trade Forex but just too busy?!

No worries...What We have here for YOU is every Traders dream!

Simple Smart FX Renko Highlights:

  • The Simple Smart Renko Strategy It is about simplicity and relaxed profits!
  • Over 70% and up to 90% winning trades when used as explained!
  • Work for all trading styles like Scalping, Day & Swing Trading!
  • Makes chosing the right Forex pairs super simple and easy!
  • Powerful Risk & Alert indicators to always stay on top of things!
  • All tools & strategies shown and explained in our step by step video tutorials
  • Boosting your confidence for a powerful winning traders mindset!
  • Never expiring access to all videos and program material!
  • All Metatrader templates are included and ready for you to use!
  • Instant gratification especially for scalpers and day traders!
  • Turning day trades in to huge swing trades on autopilot!
  • You receive your personal & unique Simple Smart Renko EA license key for up to 3 MT4 accounts! (Value: at least a $1000 )
  • Super Bonus # 1: Live Renko trading & training using the Simple Smart FX EA! (Value $299 monthly) for free
  • Bonus # 2: Get your OVO Renko Box Software with 3 licenses (Value $45) directly from the members area. We deduct the price from your Simple Smart VIP purchase fee!
  • Bonus # 3: Professional Trade & Risk EA (Value $295) for free
Simple Smart Forex 2018

This is my newest and most powerful program. Let's celebrate this.

Note: Because of the nature of this product all sales are final

More Students & Members Praise

Nicola Gagliardi - ITALY

"My name is Nicola Gagliardi, I was trading for 6 years before I met Nikos. He has completely changed my point of view in this business. He made me understand the importance of choosing my own trading style. He helped me creating a traders mindset that suites me and my lifestyle. He taught me to master his strategy in each form, but the most important thing, strange to say, he taught me to master myself in terms of auto control, discipline focus. Trading results improved for 2 reasons: I found a forex system that works and I learned avoided a lot of bad trades with discipline and respect for the markets. The real change and turn came when Nikos introduced me to the Renko Bars Strategy. Suddenly the charts became even cleaner, more readable ... almost "talking" to me and telling me where the price would go. It is a strategy so simple, effective, profitable and easy to understand for everybody. This linked with great money management (Nikos always insisted) literally "exploded" my earnings.
As a day trader, you need of course to spend a lot of time in front of the charts and waiting for a trading signal, which was fine for me, but it is a problem for many other traders which are too busy t. Luckily for all of us traders Nikos also solved this issue by creating his powerful Simple Smart Forex Expert Advisor that waits for the right signal and trades for you. For me a real revolution! Trading is supposed to give us freedom, but you won't really have your freedom if you need to stay hours and hours in front of your PC. In my case the results are unbelievable. For example; in volatile conditions I earn up to 3% a day with a risk of 0,2% per trade only and I managed to grow a small $200 Forex account up to $4000 within a few months. Thanks Nikos for what you did and for what we will achieve together in the future!"

Yannis Mermigas - GREECE

My name is Yannis Mermigas and by my last name you have probably figured out that I am related to Nikos. We are cousins! I had been in the IT Information Technology) industry since 1991 and in the IT banking sector since 2001. My first contact with Forex was when me and my team where setting up The Dealing Room of the bank I was working at. The dealers" of the bank had at least two screens in front of them with some strange moving charts and many colors. I was really surprised how these people could do that "trading thing". For me it was out of this word. My thought was that you need to have nerves of steel to do something risky like that. It was really intimidating. Thank god I'm not doing this for a living I said to myself, computers are my thing.
After a couple of years later I had a conversation with Nikos, and he told me that he was trading Forex. Immediately I thought and felt like the first time when I faced the Dealing Room at the bank. "It's not a big thing, and if you really want, you can do it also" Nikos said. I started to laught. Me? Forex? Trading? NO WAY! Being in the family I could see Nikos Progress up close and his words came back to me: It's not a big thing, and if you really want, you can do it also. So one day I said, Let's give it a try, if my little cousin can do, I can do it as well! And I did. With Nikos guidance and knowledge, and o bit work on my end of course, I was able to quit my job in 2014 and Focus on Forex trading since then. Now, I am like those "others" in front of two screens with the colorful charts and I am telling you now "It's not a big thing, and if you really want, you can do it also".

Steve Howieson - UK

"...I made a decision and came to you for the "Private Mentoring Course" where you took me by the hand (spanked my bum) and then showed me how to start thinking and acting like a professional trader. Fast forward when I thought that you could not possibly give me any more, you present me with this thing called RENKO trading. After giving me an assignment to carry out for a week, I realized that staring at charts all day long was NOT something that I was willing to do (I have a life too) you then proceeded to explain that you had created an expert advisor (robot) that would do the work for me. This was music to my ears because I had already seen how profitable RENKO charts were by manually trading. To be able to auto trade them really was the missing part of the puzzle. You explained also that I would be able to attend a LIVE trading room each morning to really learn which pairs to choose and how to setup the robot as this is not a FULLY automatic robot. You have certainly turned out to be a very shiny star in what appeared to be a very dark universe and I shall be eternally grateful to you for all that you have done for me, but without you in would still be drifting around somewhere in outer (TRADING) space trying to find my way. All the very best to you Nikos and I look forward to seeing you in the Renko live room soon!"

Dorothy Daniel - SOUTH AFRICA

I have spent many years trying to learn to be a successful trader. At times I have been so despondent but I refused to stop my search for successful trading. But because I kept on knocking relentlessly, at this door, I knew I would get my request, my desire answered.One day I was looking for something on You Tube and a title caught my eye and it was a video by Nikos Mermigas. I felt at ease from the first introduction to Nikos. There was no hype. There was no nonsense. Just a very down to earth, honest human being who genuinely wanted to help me. I enrolled for his course and what I learned, caused me to wonder if I had learned anything in the past years of trading. With Nikos my success is becoming more and more consistent. My account is moving forward. My confidence has grown immensely.One of the strategies I have also learned with Nikos is Renko Bars.I love Renko Bars. The strategy is simple, uncluttered, and very exciting. Best part...It's making me consistent profits - Thank you Nikos.

Luke Frazier - AUSTRALIA

My name is Luke, I am 22 years old and live in Australia. I've grown up on the family sheep and cattle farm where my father and grandfather have worked hard all their lives, battling the droughts and fluctuating prices. Being primary producers their returns were limited and the risks seemed great.
After finishing school I started working for the local Council in the Finance Department completing a course in Accounting - 3 years later I decided I did not like the office politics and especially the hierarchy of employment. I was determined to find a way that I could be my own boss, work where I want and have no limit on what I could earn with controlled risk. I had known about trading for a while but was never sure how safe and consistent it was and whether I could make a living. Fortunately, I found Nikos on YouTube and realised there can be very little risk with big reward long term. I decided to study his system on his website. Shortly after this I could see the power of the Spartan System and how simple it was. From the outset I was breaking even with my results. Most people lose money at first so I didn't realize how good breaking even was. To better my results I wanted private mentoring, which Nikos was offering. He helped me master the fear and greed emotions in my head that allowed consistent returns. I thank Nikos for being so attentive and available as a Mentor. Showing me his live results on his trading accounts gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to persevere and believe I can trade for a living.

Richard Bryan - UK

I have been trading on and off for 10 years with a lot of loses and not enough wins, but nothing to cry about. I have known for a long while that there are people who are making a fantastic living, trading the markets. So what do they know that I don't? There is an abundance of information/ opportunities out there, that promising you fortunes overnight. I found Nikos offering a genuine opportunity to make a great income, and they told me up front that it will take some time, effort and their very loving support. The very experienced people I have communicated with, trade the markets for a great income/living and are very happy to share their knowledge and wisdom. I have joined to see if i can keep myself on a consistent successful route.What I have learned from Nikos and his colleagues is that; u201cKeep using the system and regardless of what the market is doing, whether going against you or for you, keep your mindset right and your profits will be rightu201d - Thank You!

Tomek Kowalski - Poland... "From Trading Zero to Trading Hero"

Simple Smart Forex 2018

Note: Because of the nature of this product all sales are final

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Dumitru Creciun - ROMANIA

I was one of the classic forex traders: open a trading account, trade blindly and with little to too much confidence - blow my account. But then I decided that I really wanted to be a trader. This is how I joined Nikos trading program. Now I have my trading plan, a rather simple yet really powerful strategy and most important, someone who can teach me what I'm doing right and wrong. Thank you for all your support Nikos!

Jeff Larson - USA

Learning from Nikos has been a great experience. As a teacher he is very thorough, patient and explains the concepts very well. He is interested in making sure his students know the material and can properly apply it to their trading. With his method I'm able to successfully trade any market. I would recommend Nikos to anyone wishing to learn how to trade.

Adam C. - South Africa

Nikos has managed to create a way of looking at price action and making it easier to understand. Having looked at many such systems I've found his to be the simplest and easiest to implement. Furthermore he is very generous with his knowledge. My trading has definitely improved and the investment well worth it!


Everything is broken down in to easy to follow steps that even the newest trader can follow


Access your training at any time as it can be viewed on any device and on any modern web browser


Study or trade on your own pace and on your own schedule as your program access never expires


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